Mekky to Resume Shooting “Al Kabeer Awy” (“The Really Big Guy”) Next Week

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  • 06:39 AM - 21 September 2010
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Actor Ahmed Mekky is to resume shooting the second part of the television series “Al Kabeer” next week following the removal of the cast on his leg. Mekky suffered a torn ligament while shooting a scene for the series, this forced the crew to stop shooting new episodes and thus only 15 episodes of the show were aired in the holy month of Ramadan. Ahmed Mekky is now undergoing physical therapy in order to achieve a full recovery before he resumes shooting. The second part of the television series will include a variety of comic scenarios involving Johnny and Al Kabeer Awy, along with the other inhabitants of the village of Al Mazarita. Mekky assumes the character of the twins Johnny and Al Kabeer Awy and the show also features the talents of Donia Samir Ghanem and Mohamed Shahin.

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