Heneidy Begins Shooting “Masyou Ramadan” in Paris

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  • 10:51 AM - 26 December 2010
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Performer and filmmaker Mohamed Heneidy has commenced filming the first scenes of his new television production “Masyou Ramadan Abou A’lamein Hamoudah” in the Parisian district of Champs Elysee last week. The series continues from where the film left off, that is, immediately following Heneidy’s divorce from the music star he was married to. Thus Heneidy starts his life anew and marries a French woman. However, he soon gets to know an Egyptian lady who is to change his life. The scenes shot in Paris feature the coupled performance of Heneidy and his French wife. Shooting is expected to continue for two week, thereafter Heneidy will return to Cairo in order to film the indoor scenes at the village complex that was constructed by the Serengy Company. The complex covers 20 acres and is located on the Cairo-Alexandria desert road. It is that location where Mabrouk Abou A’lamein Hamoudah resides.On another note, producer Tamer Moursy has signed a contract with Nesreen Emam to perform the leading role alongside Heneidy. Nesreen’s nomination follows Sereen A’bd Al Nour declining the role. Performer Laila Taher also plays a part in the series by portraying Heneidy’s character’s mother. The screenplay for the series is credited to Youssif Ma’atty. Sameh A’bd Al A’zi directs the work which is produced by the Serengei Company. The Serengei Company has allocated 60 million pounds to the production budget.

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