A new award for the Egyptian documentary movie “Shades” that assures displaying it on Italy television

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  • 10:15 PM - 16 December 2011
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“Shades” Egyptian documentary movie won Italy Opinion TV channel three award, after displaying it during Mediterranean Documentary Festival and filmed investigations in Marseille city, France that is known as “Primed” festival, which allows this award to filmmakers that is asked to be presented on television.It is worth mentioning that “Shades” movie is directed by Marianne Khoury and Moustafa Hasnawi, this participation is considered the second for the movie too in International Festivals after participating in Venice International Festival in prospects category.It was filmed inside a psychiatric and neurological hospital in Abbasia, a journey in depths of the patients and their suffering, as this movie is considered the third for director Marianne Khoury after her two movies “Laura’s Time” and “Cinema Lovers”, it is the second cooperation between director Mustafa Hasnawi and Misr International Film Company after “When a Woman Sing” movie.Marianne has confirmed her happiness of this award because it will open a dialogue way on mental illness issues and breaking the stereotype to deal with these patients, especially that this award will get a large number of audiences to see the movie.According to the committee to this award, that it will take the movie to humanity and focus on patients’ character, staying away from the usual approach of art institutions for such kind of movies.

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