“Khaibr” reveals the Jewish History in Egypt

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  • 12:38 PM - 3 January 2012
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After the remarkable success of “Sokoot El Khelafa” or “The Islamic Empire falls down” series, the director Mohamed Azeezeya together with the scenarist Yusry El Gendy decided to carry out extensive workshops to choose their new series' cast as soon as possible to begin shooting the coming February.“Khaibr” narrates the story of the Jews' flee from Saudi Arabia and their cooperation with other tribes in order to weaken and destabilize the Islamic Empire. The series draws an amazing portrait of the glamorous Islamic battles. Ikoomedia Corporation (the producer) revealed that scenes will be shot in Egypt, Morocco and Jordon. For info, another formal press conference is expected to be held soon by Ikoomedia Corportion.

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