With pictures and video: First movie about Folk singing history

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  • 11:05 AM - 9 April 2012
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Ayad Saleh has recently finalized his new documentary "Folk Glee" or "Tarab Shaaby", which is the first movie to discuss history of Folk singing in Egypt. The movie presents many Folk singing icons like Shaaban Abdel Reheem, Abdel Baset Hamouda, Tarek El Sheikh, Mahmoud El Leithy, Semsem Shehab and a other great variety of lyricists and composers of Folk singing. The movie had a really clear message: "How to make a Folk song"Ayad said that he made the movie to refute the claims that Folk Singing is one big cliche, assuring that these songs are simply symptoms for diseases that affected the Egyptian society, and how messy things got before the revolution. The Folk artists in the movie claim they're the heart and soul of the Egyptian community, and that their real fans are those who are made by good songs and not by good publicity, as they are real stars in their Folk areas among people who really love them because of their songs. The movie also highlights the role of Ahmed Adwya in creating the Folk singing art and how it progressed with Hassan El-Asmar, Hakim and others.Ayad added that the filming of the movie lasted 3 months, during which they faced a really hard time convincing the artists to speak up freely without restrictions about Folk songs. The filming took place in the artists' Folk ares to help create a connection between the artist and the place. Filming locations were places like Imbaba, Shubra El-Khema, Qalaet el Kabsh, Zenhom, Boulaq El Dakroor and El Marg.Ayad chose the movie to be presented as it was an episode of Ihab Saleh's Radio Show "Situation" or "Mawqef" on Nogoum FM, in which he airs Folk songs. So the movie starts and ends with the show.Ayad praised Al-Jazeera's courage as it aired and discussed the movie even though it's a network known for discussing only serious issues, assuring that the network's enthusiasm to air the movie derives from the fact that it is a documentary that discusses Folk singing way back from the days of Adwya until this very day through the eyes of Folk art makers and not from critics' point of view

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