Ghada Ibrahim's makeup and thirst cause discomfort in "Al Nar W Al Teen" location.

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  • 12:38 AM - 24 June 2012
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It was a scene that should take a few minutes but it took almost an hour at the location of the new series "Al Nar W Al Teen". This delay was caused by actress Ghada Ibrahim in a scene uniting her with Engy Abdallah and Bothayna Rashwan as she kept interrupting the shooting to fix her hair and makeup or to ask for bottles of water!Director Ahmed Fahmi Abdel Zaher had to shoot the scene more than once which made the cast and crew uncomfortable and annoyed with her behavior."Al Nar W Al Teen" stars also Mais Hamdan and Yasser Galal and is written by Anwar Abdel Mogheeth.

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