Youssef Dawood passed away

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  • 01:35 PM - 24 June 2012
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Today's dawn, Youssef Dawood left this world at 74 years of age after getting sick last Wednesday and being taken to Gamal Abdel Nasser's hospital, his funeral to take place in Marcus Church in Alexandria.He started his acting career in the mid-80sb where he excelled at portraying a different array of roles whether in theater, TV or Cinema.Some of his most notable works include: "Yawmyat Wanis", "Fi Shaqet Masr El Gdeeda", "El Erhab wl kabab" and many others.His last appearance was in "365 yom men el saada". He was also preparing for the 2nd part of "qesas El ensan fl qur'an" in Ramadan.

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