Al Hayah avoids "El okht Theresa" with all its trouble

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  • 09:49 PM - 16 July 2012
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"El okht Theresa" is getting really bad publicity due to the controversial issues it discusses regarding Muslims and Christians in Egypt, and due to it being sued by many lawyers from both religions Al Hayah cable network refused to buy it.However, other companies like Media Line insisted on having it on its channels during Ramadan including Al Nahar and Panorama Drama, with its airing price reaching 5 million Egyptian pounds.The film tells the relationship between Muslims and Christians in the story of twin sisters who live separately both with different religions then meet up later on.The series is starring Hannan Tork, Samy El-Adl, Ahmed Azmy and Mahmoud El-Gendy, written by Belal Fadl and directed by Hussam El-Gohary.

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