With Video: Sameh El Seraity speaks about Napoleon, Egypt and Religion.

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  • 12:24 PM - 23 August 2012
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camera met with great actor Sameh El Seraity where he spoke about his role in the Ramadan drama "Napoleon Wal Mahroosa" even though he announced earlier that he will not join any drama this Ramada.Sameh said this series attracted him for many rasons starting with its director Shawky Al Magery, the historical period the series is focusing on and the reality shown in it. He added that the French actors added credibility to the series, and the settings and décor made was so real which made him not hesitate in accepting the role.Sameh also spoke about his role in the new long series "Al Montaqim" which consists of 120 episodes which is similar to the experience he had before with "Matloob Regal". On the other hand; Sameh spoke about the incident that took place during a symposium held in the Egyptian Diplomat Club where Sheikh Hashem Islam, member of Al Azhar Fatwa committee, announced a Fatwa to allow the killing the demonstrators of 24 August and considered them outsiders on Islam.Sameh said that he immediately requested the Sheikh to be clearer in this and assured the Actors Guild had requested a statement from Al Azhra verifying the identity of this Sheikh and implementing a punishment on him for this extreme Fatwa.

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