Jay Roch: "The Campaign" Mocks the Political Chaos We Live In!

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  • 05:53 PM - 13 September 2012
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"Dinner for Schmucks", "Austin Powers in Gold member" and "Meet the Parents" were all creations by Hollywood's most famous comedy filmmaker. Jay Roch recently used one of his films this time to target American politicians to send them a few messages that the American people are well aware of their makings. Distributors in Egypt spoke to Roch about his film which was released in Egypt yesterday:How did you become part of this project?I worked before with lead actors Will Ferrell in "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery" and Zach Galifianakis in "Dinner for Schmucks" when they said they wanted to meet with me over lunch. Will and Zach spoke about this film and asked me if I was interested in working with them in it. At that time, the film was just an idea but it was a good idea so I agreed to direct it. I believe they thought of me for the number of comedy and political films I made before. How do you see Zach and Will's ability to improvise?They are wonderful! I have given them a large space and shot lots of material where I eventually edited and chose the best scenes and added it to the film. Will is used to improvising and Zach has done stand-up comedy earlier. So you had lots of material to use in the film?Definitely, I guess we had around three and a half hours of scenes and the film is only 90 minutes. I had to disregard two hours of wonderful scenes but they will be released to viewers in a DVD. Such material should be never ignored. What attracted to Will and Zach's idea of the film?I am a huge fan of the Saturday Night Life TV show and hosts like John Stewart and Stephen Colbert who handle serious political issues in a sarcastic way. I feel this is the best way to respond to the political mess that is taking place nowadays. I thought that Will and Zach's film was a good opportunity to produce a sarcastic project related to a serious political matter. Is it true that "The Campaign" sees that there are no rules for politics?The film reflects reality where integrity has become less important that many political rules. Everyone is fighting to win even it takes going through wrong paths and making daily mistakes. The film has focused on this issue so we can easily say it is more of a documentary that a comedy or a drama.What is behind this film?The film is designed to unite two of the funniest people on earth. We gave them the space they need to improvise and we didn't set any rules or put any pressure on them. How do you see Will's character in the film "Cam Brady"?He was a man with the perfect political life but became corrupted for being a congressman. He enjoyed his life until Marty Huggins showed up.What's new from Will Ferrell in this role?I've known Will for so long and he is very dedicated and creative. He always works hard on every character and studies all aspects of its personality very well. However, being a wonder improviser and professional; he has a way in working in different roles and does what he always does. How do you see Cam Brady's opponent "Marty Huggins"?Marty, played by Zach, always tries to impress his family but he suffers from bad luck besides being incompetent and disliked most of the time. However, he has an opportunity to become very popular which scares Cam.Don't you think that with the presidential elections in the States getting closer, the time of releasing the film is unusual?The date of releasing the film was not chosen by pure coincidence! I can say we tried to give the viewer a small portion of what he is about to witness very soon happening in the elections. This portion is less series, and funny since the real world now has become more ridiculous with the conflict between candidates and every opponent trying to crush the other!

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