Halit Ergenc of "Harem El Sultan" Celebrates Son's Birthday

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  • 11:56 AM - 14 February 2013
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Turkish TV actor Halit Ergenc, who plays the titular Sultan on the popular show "Harem El Sultan," is celebrating his son Ali's birthday today alongside his wife, the Turkish actress Berguzar Korel.

The young Ali got to celebrate turning 3-years-old with 90 guests, among them the director of the series Yilmaz Erdogan and his wife, the Turkish actress and star of "The Dream of a Butterfly" Belcim Bilgin, as well as their son. Many other Turkish stars were at the party, though not all of the actors from the show.

The party extended from the daytime to the evening in a special location designed for kids in the Turkish capital, Istanbul. Gift-wise, Ali was lucky enough to receive so many gifts that they had to be split up between two cars when the party was over. One of the gifts was a kid-sized "Harem El Sultan" style outfit. Lucky boy!

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