Jumana Murad: When Accepting Roles, Size Doesn’t Matter

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  • 09:50 AM - 23 February 2013
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Syrian actress Jumana Murad revealed her philosophyin choosing her roles and accepting some that are not large in size but areimportant to the storyline. Jumana spoke to about accepting herrole in "Al Hafla" (The Party) and the upcoming drama in "AlSandouk Al Aswad" (Black Box).

What was the secret behind accepting the roleof "Nancy" in "Al Hafla"?

I always look for diversity in the characters Iplay in films, and I avoid sticking to one defined character. After my previousroles in films like "Kabareh," "Al Farah" and then"Kaf El Amar," I had to search for a completely different character.

Were you worried after finding out that manyactresses rejected the role of "Nancy" because it was a small part in thefilm?

I don't judge roles offered to me by theirsize, as I always study the importance of it in the storyline and theimportance of it in the sequence and I found that "Nancy" was aneffective character. All actresses have the right to choose what suits them andeach have their own perspective in accepting any role.

How did you prepare for the scene you playedin the party, considered to be the hardest in the film?

Actually, this scene was behind my acceptingfor the role of "Nancy" as it shows my abilities in acting consideringthe diversities of the performance every time the story related to that scenewas told. I had intense work sessions with director Ahmed Alaa to be able toact this scene differently in every side of the story told.

Any news about your upcoming film "AshrafAl Thoth"?

The project is awaiting the producer'sdecision, otherwise, I will make another film.

How about returning to TV in the upcomingdrama "Al Sandouk Al Aswad"?

I am excited about participating in this dramasince actor Khaled Saleh is the lead actor where I worked with him before in"Kaf El Amar" and he is a great actor. I think this drama will turnout to be special, especially the character I am playing "Sahar" is avery rich character and all events in the series are revealed through her.

Any comments on the current situation in Syria?

My heart is aching for what is happening inSyria and in Egypt, and I pray to God to protect the Arab countries and stopthe daily bloodshed!

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