Talaat Zakaria Attacked by Ikhwan Protesters at Nahda Square

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  • 03:49 PM - 10 August 2013
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Actor Talaat Zakaria has revealed in an exclusive statement to that in the early hours of the morning on Thursday he was attacked by Muslim Brotherhood members near the sit-in at Al Nahda Square. Passing through traffic in his car with his family, he suddenly saw a number of individuals coming towards his car and trying to shatter his windshield.

He said he was able to turn the car around onto Al Mo'dy Street towards the zoo and escape, but he wanted to know who these individuals were. They got into a black car with tinted windows, trying to conceal themselves, that had approached Nahda Square.

Zakaria starred this Ramadan season in " Al Araaf" with Adel Imam and guest starred on "Nazareyet Gawafa" with Elham Shaheen.

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