"World War III" Won't Be Coming Out This Eid el Adha Season

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  • 05:25 PM - 2 September 2013
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Producer Hisham Abdel Khaleq confirmed that his film "World War III" will not be one of the films released this coming Eid el Adha as planned, because they haven't finished shooting and the graphics required in the film will take a large chunk of time.

The film was put on hold for a while due to political events in Egypt, particularly the recent implementation of the curfew. The team decided to complete shooting by the end of next month.

"World War III" is based on the film "Wax Museum" about a group of wax statues that turn into living breathing humans. It stars Ahmad Fahmy (also a co-writer), Hisham Maged and Chico. Donia Samir Ghanem will be making a cameo appearance as Marilyn Monroe; she'll be one of many guest stars. Ahmed el Gendy is directing.

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