Jake Gyllenhaal Takes Homosexuality Rumors as a “Compliment”

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  • 03:47 AM - 15 September 2013
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After being chased by rumors claiming that he's gay, specially after starring in Brokeback Mountain in 2005 (in which he played the role of a cowboy in love with another cowboy), Gyllenhaal stated that he wasn't annoyed by those rumors, and that he on the contrary considered them “a huge compliment.

”In an episode of “Inside the Actor's Studio,” Gyllenhaal talked about the late Heath Ledger, who co-starred with him in Brokeback Mountain. He said that he truly misses him, and that his death felt like losing a family member.

Recently, another rumor was spread about the “Love and Other Drugs” star, regarding an affair with actress Katie Holmes, which Katie totally denied, explaining that her relationship with Gyllenhaal is not more than a friendship.

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