Amr Saad to Star in the sequel of “Share' Abd El Aziz”

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  • 10:36 PM - 6 November 2013
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Producer Mamdouh Shahien stated inan exclusive statement to that they're working on asequel for the series of “Share' Abd El Aziz,”( Abdel Aziz Street), starring Amr Saad. The series are scheduled to a Ramadanshowing, substituting for Amr Saad's prior project “BasharMeslakom.”

Shahien added that the sequel willinclude the same original cast, except for Reham Said and Haitham Mohamed whose characters died in the first part. He noted that threecharacters are added to the original ones and the actors performingtheir roles are in talks and their names will be announced next week.

The first part of “Share' Abd ElAziz” starred Amr Saad, Ola Ghanem, Riham Saeed, Hanna Shiha, SamyEl Adl, Aida Ryad. It was written by Osama Nour El din and directedby Ahmed Yousry.

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