Paul Walker's 'Fast & Furious 7' Scenes to be Completed Using CGI

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  • 04:26 PM - 25 March 2014
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Producers of the upcoming sequel of Fast & Furioushave revealed their will to complete shooting scenes involving the deceased Paul Walker's character using Computer-generated Imagery (CGI), in addition to doubles for scenes requiring extensive live action.

The New York Times mentioned that the producing company have settled on four doubles that are physically identical to Walker for the live action sequences, and that the character's face and vocals will be altered to match Walker's in post production.

This decision comes after the company have settled upon a new release date for the seventh installment to the series, which is next December, and its announcement earlier about the decision to complete Walker's scenes in any way possible after the actor's death, as nearly half of his scenes were already completed.

Worth mentioning is Ridley Scott's experience on the production of his epic historical drama Gladiator, as he used the same technique to complete shooting late actor Oliver Reed's scenes after his death.

The shooting of Fast & Furious 7 was halted last November, when Paul Walker died in a car crash. Production will carry on sometime in April, in the Emirati capital Abu Dhabi.

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