Hazla'oum Prevails in Second Trailer of “El Kebir 4” on OSN

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  • 03:32 PM - 16 June 2014
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OSN cable network has released a second trailer for the comedy series “ El Kebir Awy 4” starring Ahmed Mekky, which will air during the month of Ramadan on the network's drama channels, as well as the Nilesat channel CBC.

The character of “Hazla'oum”, one of three characters Mekky impersonates in the episodes, is the most prevalent character in the trailer. Mekky first played Hazla'oum in his blockbuster film “La Taragoa' wa la Esteslam” (No Retreat No Surrender). The fourth season of El Kebir features the characters Hazla'oum, Johnny and El Kebir, all played by Mekky.

El Kebir Awy stars Donia Samir Ghanem, Hisham Ismail, Said Tarabikand Mohamed Sallam, and is directed by Ahmed El Gendy.

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