In Video: Om Kolthom, Hitler, and Tutankhamen Return to Life in the Official Trailer of “El Harb El A'lmaya El Talta” (World War III)

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  • 12:27 PM - 17 July 2014
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Producer Ahmed El Sobkyreleased the official trailer of his new film “El Harb El A'lmaya El Talta” ( World War III) in preparation for its release on the coming Eid El Fitr.

It appears from the trailer that the film will be like an Egyptian version of the famous American film “ Night at the Museum” starring Ben Stiller. The trailer, which is about 3 minutes long, includes clips of the film’s star, Ahmad Fahmy, inside a museum that has famous people from history who return to life. They include Om Kolthom, Tutankhamen, Hitler, and Mohamed Ali Pasha.

It is expected that the film will have stiff competition this Eid El Fitr, as it also comes out at the same time as “Sunaa’ Fi Masr” ( Made in Egypt) starring Ahmed Helmy and “El Fil El Azraq” ( The Blue Elephant) starring Karim Abdel Aziz.

The film is the fourth in a procession of films of the actortrio Chico, Hesham Maged, and Ahmed Fahmy, and is directed by Ahmed El Gendy and written by Mostafa Sakr and Mohamed Ezzeldine.

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