Youssef Eid Dies of Sudden Heart Attack

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  • 09:57 AM - 22 September 2014
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Highly regarded comedian Youssef Eid has died today in the early morning, at the age of 66, after suffering from a sudden heart attack. Fellow actor Sameh El Sereity, chairman of the actors' syndicate, has announced that the late actor's family have found him lying on his house's floor, and that they have not yet decided upon a time for the funeral and the wake.

Eid was born in the town of Gamaleya in the heart of Cairo in 1948, and started his artistic career on stage through the play “Nahnu La Nuhib Alkusa” (We Don't Like Zucchini). His career consists mainly of numerous comedic supporting roles in television series, films and plays, in which he developed his unique, almost cartoonish style of comedic acting.

His latest appearance was in the very recently released film “ El Harb El Alameya El Talta” (World War III), in which he played Bob Marley.

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