Why “Factory Girl” Was Pulled Off From Oscars Submission

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  • 11:53 AM - 29 September 2014
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The committee responsible for choosing the film that would represent Egypt in the Academy Awards prize category for Best Foreign Film, have pulled off their final admission, which was Mohamed Khan's “ Fatat Almasnaa” (Factory Girl), after they discovered that they have falsely excluded two films from their list of candidates without any apparent reason.

Producer and screenwriter Mohamed Hefzy revealed the news through his Facebook account, confirming that the two excluded films were his very own productions, and that the committee has decided to set a meeting to go through the elimination process once again and choose a final submission, now with the two new films in consideration.

Hefzy wrote: “The voting was can canceled and the final result will be postponed after the committee discovered that there were two films excluded from the list of choices by mistake”

Hefzy added that him being the producer of both titles does not affect his happiness with the principal choice of “Factory Girl”, as it is also “a film that is up to the Academy Award's standards”.

“Factory Girl” was favored by the committee over two other films: “ La Moa'khza” (Excuse my French) and “ El Feel El Azraq” (The Blue Elephant).

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