'Leviathan' Wins Grand Prize At Luxor Film Festival

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  • 11:51 PM - 31 January 2015
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The Russian film Leviathan, which was written and directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev, has won the Gold DJED Pillar at the 3rd Luxor Egyptian and European Film Festival, the festival's grand prize for the best feature film.

The Georgian film Corn Island won the Silver DJED Pillar, while the Bronze DJED Pillar went to the British film ”Sixteen”.

As for the short films competition, the Egyptian film “ The Aftermath of the Inauguration of the Public Toilet at Kilometer 375” has won the Golden DJED Pillar for best short film, while the German film “The Chicken” won the Silver DJED.

Actor Nour El Sherif was awarded an honorary prize for his role in “ Be Tawqit Alqahera” (Cairo Time), which was directed by Amir Ramses, and was the only Egyptian feature film to participate in the festival.

The film “Stations of the Cross” was awarded a special mention prize for its philosophical depth and aesthetics.

In other news, the festival's organizers have decided to skip any form of celebration during the closing day, in solidarity with the casualties of the most recent terrorist attack on a millitary checkpoint in Sinai, and was abridged to only announcing the winners and handing the prizes inside the Luxor Temple.

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