Edward's Instagram Account Stolen, Hacker Threatening

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  • 04:22 PM - 22 February 2015
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Edward's Instagram account has been hacked, which has put him in big trouble since the hacker has been sending him threatening messages.

has also been informed that Edward is searching for a way to claim his account back as soon as possible, before matters in his inbox escalate.

In other news, Edward is still shooting his scenes in the television series “ Waly El Aahd” (The Heir), which is directed by Mohamed Al Noqaly, and is preparing to shoot his scenes in the fifth season of the sit-com “ Tamer we Shawqeya”, which features May Kassab, Enjy Wagdan and Ragaa El Geddawy.

Edward is also awaiting the release of his new film “El Donia Maa'louba” (The World Is Upside Down), in which he stars alongside Bassem Samra, Ola Ghanem, Randa El Beheiry and Ahmed Azmy. The film was written by Mohamed Qennawy and directed by Hany Sabry.

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