Watch: Ahmed Zaki, Samir Ghanem And Theatre Lights Trio In Nostalgic "Pepsi" Ad

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  • 02:52 PM - 25 June 2015
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Two Egyptian market giants, Pepsi and Chipsy, have both released a joint advertisement for the 2015 Islamic month of Ramadan, which featured a huge ensemble of present and past artists.

Ahmed Zaki, Ahmed Mazhar, Fouad El-Mohandess, Youness Shalaby, Samir Ghanem and George Sedhom were all present in the ad, as shots of their performances were layered against the live real footage shot specially for the ad.

On the other hand, Haytham Ahmed Zaki, Mohamed Heneidy, Hisham Maged, Shiko and Ahmed Fahmy were all seen inter-acting with their predecessors, accompanied by a song performed by Hussein El Jasmy, who also appeared in an homage to the U.A.E.

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