Point 90 Cinemas Launching Thursday At El-Tagamu El Khames

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  • 05:29 PM - 15 July 2015
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The new movie theater Point 90 will launch on Thursday in El-Tagamu El Khames town in Cairo, with 8 projection halls.

The recently completed cinemas complex, which is the first of its kind in this part of Cairo, will open on July 17th.

The place is located inside Point 90 mall, opposite the new American University in Cairo campus, and will screen 5 new films: Sukkar Mor, Hayaty Mebahdela, Noum El Talat, Shadd Agzaa and Welad Rezq.

website provides the online booking service for Point 90 cinemas, while Vodafone provides the telephone booking service.

To get updated with what's showing in Point 90, go to link.

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