Ramadan 2015 Series Schedule

    Halet Eshq

    • 7
    • tvguide
    The series follows a love story between a radio show hostess from an aristocratic family who now lives in a slum, and her work mate in the radio channel. But after her mother gets married to a wealthy man who moves the family once again to a high social level, the relationship gets complicated.

    Mouled we Sahbo Ghayeb

    • 4.9
    The story of a poor girl who enters the world of tycoons and her life turns upside-down. It reveals through the events a lot of secrets and crypts during the former President Hosny Moubaarak’s corrupt era.

    Ostaz wa Ra'ees Qesm

    • 7.1
    Adel Imam plays the character of a leftist college professor who is constantly angry about Egypt's political situation before the 2011 uprising. He joins the January uprising in 2011 while splitting from his wife due to child birth issues, and is eventually granted a position in the new...Read more government. From then on, he starts a new chapter of his life, full of shocks and surprises.

    Taht El-saytara

    • 7.7
    The series revolves around the life of drug addicts, as wife Mariam, returns to addiction after a large period of quitting, which strains her relationship with her husband Hatem, and her friends and family try to help her overcome her problems, and stay away from addiction.


    • 7.7
    • tvguide
    An aspiring artist tries to make it from scratch, facing numerous difficulties both personally and professionally throughout her life, since her persecuted childhood and adolescence as a girl living in a rural area.

    Thahab Wa Awda

    • 6.6
    Businessman Khaled's son ,Yasin, gets kidnapped by an organ trafficking organization. Joined by his wife, he travels searching for his son, and decides to infiltrate the criminal organization by working with them. Eventually, he faces several shocks and surprises involving his closest friends.

    Leaabet Eblis

    • 8.2
    The series revolves around twin brothers played by (Youssef El-Sherif), one is a successful businessman with a prestigious social status, and the other is a magician who unites with the devil to achieve its goals, what will happen between them?

    Hawary Bucharest

    • 7.2
    • tvguide
    Sayed Gadallah, is a professional judo player, living with his four siblings, he's forced to use his skills in criminal acts, exposing him to many dangerous situations. He also loves a girl since childhood but the circumstances are always against him.

    Mawlana El-aasheq

    • 6.3
    The series follows a young man called Sultan, who works as a microbus driver, and lives in a slum, where he is involved in a one sided romance with his neighbour, who favors a rich man over him. Sultan then gets involved in a lot of trouble along with his cousin Shehta.

    Alf Leila wa Leila

    • 7.2
    • tvguide
    Shahriar avenges the honor of the family by marrying a new woman every day and then kills her in the morning until it's Shehrazad's turn, who is a brilliant story teller, which attracts Shahriar's attention. He decides to spare her life, which changes the course of the whole kingdom.

    Haret El Yahood

    • 6.3
    • tvguide
    The series depicts the period between the 23rd of July's revolution and the Suez Crisis, through picturing the Jews' Alley and its residents, and how Egypt's political turmoil at the time influenced their daily lives.

    Al Ahd (El Kalam El Mobah)

    • 7.9
    The series is set around the human race's lust for power and the willingness of some people to offer sacrifices and violate divinity in their race towards it, depicting the story of a big family living in a village, and using mythological elements to tell the family's story.


    • 5.4
    • tvguide
    (Haifa) plays two identical twins, Maryam, a mute lady after her father's death in a car accident, and is in serious trouble with her husband and the other is businesswoman Malek who tries to get closer to businessman Nadim (Khaled Al Nabawi) to carry out an advertising campaign for his farm.