Ramadan 2018 Series Schedule

Awalem Khafeya

  • 7.7
Hilal Kamal is a journalist who coincidentally finds the memoirs of an actress who is believed to have been murdered. The memoirs reveal the truth about her death, which urges Hilal to form a team to uncover the truth.

Ded Maghool

  • 5.9
Nada Wasfy is a hard-working internal designer who clashes with her husband over her putting her work before her family. As they split, her life turns upside down when her daughter is raped and killed. Nada becomes determined to find the culprits and get justice for her daughter.

Bel Hagm el A'eli

  • 6.6
This comedy series tells the story of Nader, an ex-ambassador, who decides to leave the political field and start his own restaurant in a tourist hotspot where he cooks the meals himself.

Ard El-Nefaaq

  • 7.4
Mas'oud's income is low and his life is miserable, he always fights with his wife Gamila and his mother-in-law, and his father owns a couscous shop. He meets Dr. Madi who offers him ethics for sale in the form of pills, he begins to take them to discover a new life and new characters.


  • 7.8
A university professor lives in Russia with her husband. When he suddenly disappears, she goes on a journey to find him. As her search takes her to Egypt, she finds out things that she had never known before.

Abu Omar Al-Masry

  • 6.9
Fakhr Al-Din is a lawyer who partners up with other lawyers to form an organization that aims to help the poor. When a security service decides to assassinate them all, only Fakhr Al-Din survives and joins an Islamist extremist group in Sudan as he plots to avenge his murdered cousin.

Foq El-Sahab

  • 6.7
A young man, in love with a girl, is forced to travel abroad in search of a job. But he enters the world of the mafia and the arms trade, which makes him go to jail in Russia, he succeeds in escaping him and returns to Egypt, but he couldn't escape the world of the Mafia.

Ladina Aqwal Okhra

  • 6.1
The series chronicles the life of a legal consultant whose life is turned upside down when her son dies in an accident. When the police starts looking into it, she gets into more trouble, and the journey to prove her innocence starts.

Kalabsh 2

  • 7.3
Kalabsh 2 tells the story of Lieutenant Selim Al-Ansary's new life chapter. After he is put in charge of El-A'akrab prison, his family is killed in an attack that leaves him injured. He embarks on a dangerous journey to avenge his family.


  • 8
The show revolves around Rahim, a rich businessman, who works in money laundry and currency smuggling. After he gets out of a long prison sentence, he finds out that his men took all his money and drove his family away. He goes on a journey to find them and get his belongings back.


  • 7.9
The series tells the story of a hard-working young man, who strives to find a job. When he finally gets a job as an employee in a bank, he becomes the victim of a plot that puts him in prison, causing his mother to die from grief. After he gets out, he changes completely and sets out to take revenge...Read more on those who did this to him.


  • 8.3
Taye'e is a doctor from Upper Egypt who opposes the concept of blood feuds. Taye'e finds himself in a lot of trouble because of his opinion, which is made worse when he is accused of smuggling antiquities.

Azmi Wa Ashgaan

  • 6.1
The show tells the comedic story of Azmi and Ashgan, two swindlers who get into funny situations while trying to evade capture.


  • 6.5
A girl of the lower middle class lives with her father. What is peculiar about this girl is that all her dreams turn into reality. One night, she dreams that her father has a disease and he is secretly getting treatment.

Qanon Omar

  • 6.7
A mechanical engineer called Omar, who works in a maintenance center is in love with the daughter of the owner. He gets involved in a big accident that gets him imprisoned. Nevertheless he manages to escape and begins a journey to prove his innocence.

Rob' Romi

  • 7.2
Two brothers whose family lives a simple life, seek to achieve success in their work. Their father, who works in the Antiquities Authority, decides to steal a treasure from a tomb, but a curse turns him into something new every time, so everyone starts looking for a solution to this curse.

Sok Ala Ikhwatak

  • 6.3
A young man's life is completely changed when he inherits a great fortune and learns that he has sisters he hasn't met before. Many funny situations occur as he starts his new life.

Nesr El-Saeed

  • 6.3
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    • Adult Supervision
The police officer Zain (Mohammed Ramadan) is in a fierce confrontation with Hitler, an Upper Egyptian businessman engaged in illicit trade, the conflict between them intensifies, while Zain finds himself torn between the love of two women, one of whom is his cousin.