Ramadan 2022 Series Schedule

Serr El Kahf

  • 4.6

In this animated series, the events revolve around six heroes who embark on a journey to uncover the most valuable gemstones around planet Earth.

Ana W Ganti

  • 4.8

A comedy that tackles several social issues like the troubles and tribulations of marriage, and what married couples go through.


  • 6.4
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A satirical drama that tackles the security issues of the Yemeni society, in light of the war that they are suffering from, such as drug trafficking, the crimes of kidnapping children and selling human organs, and the police’s attempt to confront them, providing strong security and awareness...Read more content.


  • 3.3

A thriller that tells the story of a group of girls studying and staying in a hostel when scary, peculiar things start happening. Is it haunted, or is it all a scheme by the hostel owner's psychologically ill daughter?


  • 5

Based on a true story; the plot tackles the moral deviation of a number of characters who fall in the hands of a psychiatrist who decides to adjust their lives in her own way.

Awdat Al Abb Al Dal

  • 3.6

Rustom's life is upended following the seizure of his property and the declaring of his bankruptcy approaches. But when a close friend advises him to leave everything behind and search for his long-lost 7 children, will Rustom succeed in reaching and persuading them to return?

El Noqta El Amya (Flashback)

  • 4.5

Dalia leads a seemingly happy life, but after suffering from recurring nightmares about an accident in her childhood that led to the death of her parents, she resorts to a psychiatrist and begins to discover things that threaten the stability of her life.


  • 4.8
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Yara abandons her dream job as a navigation officer for the sake of her possessive husband Youssef, while Khaled causes a tragic accident that puts Yara in grave danger.

El Meshwar

  • 3.6
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As Maher is forced to leave his home with his wife Ward and his son Rahim to escape from the businessman and antiquities dealer Wajeeh, he settles with his aunt in Alexandria in an attempt to hide his big secret from the public eye.

Al Ekhteyar 3: Al Qarar

  • 5.3
This season depicts the events Egypt witnessed in the years following the January 25 Revolution, leading to the Muslim Brotherhood's rise to power, and the crises that afflicted Egypt during that period causing a state of popular anger against the group and Mohamed Morsi, which ended in the outbreak...Read more of the June 30 Revolution.

Ahlam Saeida

  • 5.7
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Three middle-aged women, Farida,Sherine and Laila, suffering from insomnia and difficulty sleeping, are brought together by fate to go through experiences that will help them overcome their problems and move on to a better life.

Dayman Amer

  • 5.3
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Amer impersonates an educational doctor to enter the Vision School and work there after he plans this with his friend Lotfi, the secretary of the school manager, Zahra. While he succeeds in gaining the trust and love of the people around him, he hides something from everyone

Al Aaedoun

  • 6.1
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The events revolve around the attempts of the Egyptian intelligence to confront terrorism represented by ISIS, as the intelligence workers, including officers, communication experts, and secret agents, perform their roles in operations aimed at protecting the homeland and eliminating terrorism.

Rageen Ya Hawa

  • 7.3
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After his debts mount up in Europe, Baligh returns home to regain his right in the inheritance, but his mission soon turns into an attempt to reconcile his family.

Faten Amal Harby

  • 5.1
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As Faten, a woman who works at the real estate registry, decides to ask for a divorce from her husband Seif, she finds herself facing many hardships and obstacles; raising two daughters on her own and finding out that the odds are stacked against her when it comes to the law.

Malaf Serry

  • 7.4
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When Judge Yehia Ezz El-Din is assigned the task of trying the wealthy Maliki family for corruption, his quest for justice sends him on a dangerous adventure.


  • 7.3
    • تقييمنا
    • Adult Supervision

Adam turns into a lawyer in a large law firm by chance, when he reveals his secret to lawyer Zain, and together they handle many challenging cases.


  • 5.6
  • Watch on Sling

After letting go of his criminal past and settling in a new city to start over, young Touba's life turns upside down when a person from his past appears and allies with his worst enemy.