Ramadan 2022 Series Schedule

Maktoub Aalia

  • 7.4
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Galal's life turns upside down as a result of an odd meeting with a random stranger, as he finds everything that will happen to him during the day written on his body, turning his days into a series of funny situations.

Jazeerat Ghamam

  • 7.8
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When Khaldoun and the gypsy Al-Ayqa settle on Ghamam island, they try to control its people, thinking that it contains a treasure and a great secret that no one knows. As they try to extend their influence to implement their plan, will the people of the island confront them led by Arafat, El Ajami,...Read more and Muharib?

Rania We Sekina

  • 5
  • Watch on Sling

After heiress Rania El Sanhory is accused of murdering her rich father, her life is turned upside down, as she stumbles upon the working-class Sekina, who is also facing unexpected hardships of her own. The two girls unite to face a series of obstacles and adventures to get out of trouble.

Be Tolooa Al Rouh

  • 6.2
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After being fooled by her husband into leaving Egypt, Rouh finds herself at an ISIS den in Syria, whereupon she tries to escape but ends up at a camp for female ISIS fugitives, while her return to Egypt becomes a distant dream.

Meen Qal?!

  • 7
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Despite Sherif's success in high school with grades that qualify him to enter the Faculty of Engineering, which his parents dream he would attend, he aspires to own his own project of making paper chairs.


  • 5.7
The series is split into two stories: Third Face and Metaverse. Third Face tells the story of a doctor who gets released from prison and goes on a quest to find her daughter while struggling with psychosis. On the other hand, Metaverse tells the story of a woman who enters the virtual world to take...Read more revenge against her enemies.

Al Maddah 2: Ostorat Al Wady

  • 8.1
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A series of strange dreams haunts Saber Al Maddah, to whom it becomes clear that everything he sees in his dreams comes true, which makes Saber on the cusp of a new war that he will fight with the jinn.

Al-Kabir Awy 6

  • 8.6
    • مصري
    • All Ages

In the sixth season, after several years, Al-Kabir is exposed to many changes, as he tries to take care of his two sons, while Johnny is going through many difficulties after becoming obese.


  • 4.6

Sayed Hassan, also known as Pablo, is a self-made man who helps the needy. As he manages to win the trust of a businessman, the latter's son grows a strong hatred for him, while his sister is head over heels in love with Pablo.

Shoghl Fi Al Ali

  • 2.6

Jalila and Sherwet are two different women united by their bad luck and failed marriages. As they become friends, they resort to forming a gang to take revenge on men, but when they're faced with a surprise their friendship is put to the test.

Fi Betna Robot S2

  • 5.4
    • مصري
    • All Ages

The story continues of software engineer Youssef, who developed two models of robots, Zumba and Laziz, to help him in his company and help his wife Sarah with the housework.

Bayt El Shedda

  • 5.1
    • تقييمنا
    • Adult Supervision

The granddaughter of a sorcerer and magician named Falak returns to her grandfather's house, in order to take revenge on those who burned the house in the past. However, there is a curse chasing her son Seif, where his grandfather's spirit controls his body.

Donya Tanya

  • 4.1

As school principal Donia Salem is shocked after her son drowned in the swimming pool and her second son lost his speech, she seeks to divorce her husband Hossam after discovering he is cheating on her with her sister.

Asher Safha

  • 5.2

Salma is forced to marry Abu Faris (Faris' father) despite the large age difference between them. As many problems arise between her and his son, she also suffers from the recklessness of her brother Salem all the time.

Hayya Al Rouh

  • 5.9
  • Watch on Sling

The story follows an angelic girl named Haya, who, despite her disability, defies all circumstances and insists on confronting them, especially her uncle Mubarak, who left her in the care of her stepfather, Abdul Rahman.

Amina Haaf 2

  • 4

After her marriage to Saad, Amina thinks that fate has smiled upon her, but she is surprised that life has bared its teeth again, so she wakes up from the dream she's been living in and finds the painful reality for which no account has been taken.

Lughz 1990

  • 4.5

As a mysterious crime takes place in the garage of a building, Officer Adel undertakes the investigation, only to reveal that there are three businessmen whose fortunes are illegally enlarged through the trade of weapons, human organs, and drugs.

Kayd Al Hareem

  • 3.9
  • Watch on Sling

After Somaya marries a man in his sixties, she becomes a stepmother to two daughters and a married son and lives a quiet life. However, after her husband's death, her luck goes downhill, and she finds herself in conflict with everyone around her.