Biographies: Abdel Fattah Rashid - Actor


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A composer and singer from the fifties and sixties, born on April 10, 1927 in Fayoum, where he completed his studies, then joined the Higher Institute of Arab Music and graduated in 1948. He worked as a teacher for three years, after which he resigned and was appointed as an agent for censorship of songs and recordings at the Ministry of Culture. With the beginning of the fifties, he had a number of songs, some of which were composed by him. He continued composing for other singers such as: Karem Mahmoud, Shahrazad, and Mohamed Roushdy. He also co-starred in some musical films, including: The Three Grooms, and Between Two Hearts. He sang on the Near East Radio in Palestine, and when the King of Jordan listened to him, he asked him to come to Amman, so he prepared for this occasion with a poem written for him by the Palestinian poet Mustafa Darwish El Dabbagh entitled O, Son of Al Hussein. He departed this world on April 18, 2000.