About elCinema.com

Who We Are

Elcinema.com is the largest Arabic-language database for film, theater, and television. It’s an archive of the entirety of both Arab and international works ever since the birth of cinema at the dawn of the 20th century. It dedicates a large space for its users to view and learn all about Egyptian and Arab films, series, and stage productions; and includes a database of cast and crew members of all works as well as being a source of information and news regarding the entertainment industry as a whole.

Elcinema’s Mission

Elcinema.com aims to create a rich online community in the field of film, television, and theater specifically, and the art and entertainment industry as a whole generally, in both Arabic and English, for users of all ages. It also aims to cover all news and information on the arts and become a credible Internet source so that in the future it can expand to various other communication channels in many languages.

Elcinema’s Vision

In recent years, several websites have emerged. However, there is no other Arab platform like Elcinema.com that envisions offering content with high artistic value by documenting art in general and film, television, and theater in specific, to the smallest detail in order to satisfy the knowledge-related and intellectual needs in the field. It also presents a space for constructive dialogue regarding all aspects and facets of art.

The Beginnings

Elcinema.com was founded in 2008, and grew exponentially to become one of the largest Arabic-language film and entertainment websites on the Internet, attracting a huge number of users who are not only receivers of information, but main contributors to the content of this platform that has become an integral resource to specialists in the field. Elcinema.com started off as a database for Egyptian and Arab films, series, and stage productions, but later expanded to cover international works, as well as additional categories including artist biographies. The website is visited by over 5 million users per month, many of whom not only view the website and utilize its services, but also contribute to its content.

Website Ownership

The website is owned by Damlag SAE, an Egyptian telecommunications company that specializes in Internet business, founded in December 2008 and located in Cairo, Egypt. It builds web portals with a special focus on Arabic content, and its first venture was Elcinema.com.

What We Offer

Elcinema.com offers services that place it on top of the list of websites in its category, aiming to become one of the largest service websites offering entertainment and interactive content to its users, which is part of its ever-evolving development plan.

  • The website includes up-to-date entries of the entirety of works produced in all media in the pan-Arab region as well as globally. It also includes biographies of cast and crew members of all works, as well as synopses of all works. All of which are open to user contribution.

  • Elcinema.com offers an exclusive online ticket booking service, as it is considered the first to introduce this service in Egypt since 2012, and it includes the largest number of online reservation seats in the Arab Republic of Egypt, without the hassle of long box office queues, while also viewing the synopses of the movies being screened in each cinema. Click here to book your ticket now.

  • As well as checking film screening times and ticket prices in most parts of the Arab world, where the site covers cinema schedules for ten Arab countries (UAE, Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Iraq and Syria).

  • Elcinema.com records user ratings of works, and offers a space to discuss those works and artists.

  • Elcinema.com offers its users a platform to post their reviews and opinions regarding various works in film, television, and theater.

  • Elcinema.com offers a comprehensive guide of all movies currently playing in Egyptian and Arab cinemas and their screening times, as well as checking what’s coming soon to cinemas in Egypt.

  • Elcinema.com offers users a TV guide to find out what’s airing on satellite network channels in the pan-Arab region from series, films, programs, and other works as well as their air times.

  • On Elcinema.com, a user can browse and watch videos related to works in film, television, and theater.

  • Elcinema.com offers a large collection of rare photos and Arab and international film posters, as well as promotional photos, cast and crew photos, and behind-the-scenes photos.

  • Elcinema.com provides a guide to seasonal works, both Arab and international, screening or airing in seasons such as Eid Al Fitr, Eid Al Adha, and mid-year holidays.

  • Elcinema.com also offers featured lists of works with several filters that aid the user to find a list of their favorite works; whether it’s movies or series, Arab or international.