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Raging Fire

As the officer Cheung Sung-bong is seen as an outcast for his righteous character, he finds himself pitted against his protege, Yau Kong-ngo, who crosses path with him.

My Son

After their son goes missing, Edmond Murray and his ex-wife soon realize that he's been kidnapped, whereupon they set out to search for their disappeared son.

Lassie Come Home

After Florien's father loses his job, he's forced to send their collie Lassie away. But when Lassie is mistreated by her caretaker, she escapes and embarks on an epic journey to be reunited with her best friend Florien.

Sword Art Online: Progressive - Aria of a Starless Night

High school student Asuna discovers that she must fight to survive, as she finds herself trapped inside the game of Sword Art Online, where the results of the game will be reflected in her real life.

C'mon C'mon

As Johnny's sister leaves her son Jesse with him, Johnny, a radio journalist, takes his lively nephew on a journey to teach him what life is like outside of L.A.

Amar 14

The plot revolves around 5 different love stories.

The Lost Daughter

A college professor's trip to Southern Europe takes a dark turn when she begins to encounter troubles from her past while developing an unorthodox obsession with a woman and her daughter during summer vacation.


Sidney Prescott returns to Woodsboro, California, when a new murderer appears in the Ghostface mask and attacks a group of teens, in an attempt to unearth the lethal secrets of the town.

The 355

A spy thriller that stars a group of five women who join forces in an attempt to thwart the plan of a vile organization plotting to acquire a fatal weapon that can only wreak havoc and thrust the world into utter chaos and destruction.

Men Agl Zeko

The story follows a simple family whose young son, Zeko, wins the opportunity to participate in a contest for Egypt's smartest child. As they set out to attend the contest, many paradoxes happen to them during the two-day trip

El Gareema

When a violent criminal breaks out from a psychiatric hospital, the concerned authorities discover his connection to a number of prior crimes involving prominent figures.

El Kahen

The events revolve around the journalist Fairouz, who suffers from her husband's psychological issues, and as a mysterious murder occurs, the couple's life turns upside down.

The King's Man

One man from a secret intelligence organization must stop the worst tyrants and criminal minds in history who are plotting to start a war that could kill millions of people.

Abu Saddam

As an experienced truck driver is tasked with transporting a shipment on the North Coast Road after a break from work that lasted for years, he is exposed to a situation that makes things get out of his control.

Morabba' Bermoda

A certain psychological phenomenon occurs to the two protagonists, one of whom is a visual artist.