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The Ride

The inspiring true story of BMX champion John Buultjens, who overcame his difficult childhood with the love and support of his foster family.

The Card Counter

The gambler William Tell forms an unlikely bond with the young man Cirk who enlists his help to exact revenge on a military colonel.

Bennett's War

US soldier Marshall Bennett returns home after being wounded in Afghanistan, only to find that he has another war to fight, as he has to save the family farm, upon which he goes back to motorcycle racing for the prize money.


When the professional hitman, Bob Viddick goes after his next target, the con artist Teddy Murretto, things spiral out of control when Murretto hides in a small-town police station, only to find that Viddick is on his tail, along with a competing assassin, while a rookie police officer gets caught...Read more up in the mayhem.


A biopic that depicts the life and growth of Aretha Franklin, who started her career as a child singing in her father's church choir, only to grow up into a legendary R&B singer and song-writer.

Till Death

When Emma wakes up one morning, she finds herself handcuffed to her dead husband in their remote lakehouse. But much to her shock, that’s not the end of her nightmare, as she discovers that there are hired killers on her trail.

Dragon Rider

When the silver dragon Firedrake learns that his family's home is in danger, he sets out on a wild adventure through the Himalayas along with the forest brownie Sorrel and the orphan boy Ben, as they search for the dragons' haven, Rim of Heaven.


In a sequel to the classic Candyman, the story takes place in the present day, as Anthony crosses paths with an old acquaintance and gets inspiration for his paintings, only for the encounter to unleash terror and violence.

30 March

Ali, the fugitive from a murder he does not even know whether he committed it or not, sets out to uncover truth with the help of his friend, the lawyer and his neighbor. Over time, he finds himself embroiled in cases much more dangerous than he imagined, making him on the verge of insanity or...Read more murder.


A horror thriller that follows two women who find themselves running for their lives as they become chased by an evil entity.


Inspired by a true story, the events revolve around the ferry Salem Express, as eight people decide to dive in the depths of the Red Sea, bringing back lots of memories.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

The skilled martial artist Shang-Chi is forced to confront the past he walked away from, as he gets pulled into the secret Ten Rings organization.

200 Junayh

The story revolves around 200 pounds that gets passed on from one person to another from different social classes and residential places.

The Green Knight

A fantasy retelling of the Arthurian legend that sees Sir Gawain, King Arthur's fearless nephew, embark on a journey to confront the Green Knight; a serious journey that brings him face to face with giants, phantoms, and thieves, among other horrors and beasts.

Paw Patrol: The Movie

With the future of Adventure City in danger, as Mayor Humding laying waste to it, Ryder and the pups embark on a high-stakes mission to save the city.