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City of God

Two boys are raised in Rio de Janeiro's cruel neighborhood. They pursue different careers, with one becoming a photographer and the other a drug dealer.

Spy x Family Code: White

After receiving orders to replace him in Operation Strix, Loid decides to help Anya in a major cooking competition at Eden Academy, hoping to get his job back and stop the decision to replace him.

Monkey Man

Working in an underground fight club, Gianni Renaud is a young man who will stop at nothing to get revenge on a group of dishonest leaders whom he believes killed his mother and exploited the underprivileged.

Boy Kills World

The story of a deaf young man, who has a wild imagination and his parents are killed. However, a man takes advantage of the matter to turn the young man into a tool for killing.

Barbie and Stacie to the Rescue

The Roberts family goes to Wisconsin to attend a balloon festival, and while Stacie finds herself disengaged in adult activities and unable to play with young children, she quickly becomes involved with Barbie and Skipper and goes on many adventures with them.

Civil War

A group of journalists journeys across the United States in the near future amid a nationwide civil war that is quickly spreading.


Young Emily seeks to obtain sufficient support during her candidacy for the presidency in one of the organizations, so she decides to buy a sloth in the hope of helping her gain sympathy and support, but the animal soon causes a lot of chaos and terror.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

Kong and Godzilla reunite, during a new chapter of Earth's mightiest monsters.

Kung Fu Panda 4

Chosen to be the spiritual leader of the Valley of Peace, Po has to train a new warrior, unbeknownst that Chameleon, a sorceress capable of mimicking different Kung fu moves and shape-shifting into whatever animal she desires, wants to acquire Po's Staff of Wisdom.

The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare

Taking place during World War II, the British Army assigns a group of competent soldiers to carry out a mission against the Nazi forces behind enemy lines.

Eswed Melawen

A wedding planner seeks help from a psychiatrist who specializes in romantic relationships.

Fasel Men El Lahazat El Lazeeza

A romantic comedy about a couple who encounter many problems, until a portal opens by chance that leads them to parallel worlds.


A local police officer and an overzealous social worker learn that people are disappearing in the town, and as they look into the matter, disturbing revelations are made on a pig farm, where the town butcher has been killing more than livestock.


The film's events revolve around a group of outlaw friends who engage in criminal and suspicious activities, but it leads them to major crises with dangerous consequences.

3al Mashi

The events revolve around Hadi Hadi Abdel Hadi, a thirty-year-old lazy young man who lives with his father. His life is turned upside down when he is diagnosed with a rare condition that requires him to constantly move to avoid fatal blood clots. He begins a comedic journey of constant walking.