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Kung Fu Mulan

Despite her talents as a swordswoman, Mulan knows that she has to pretend to be a man if she has any hope of replacing her father in the army. But as she stumbles upon a vast conspiracy that threatens her country, her attempt to fight back leads to a journey of self-discovery.


When the mentally unstable private eye Arthur Bretnik is asked to investigate a possible murder in the small town of Wander, he finds himself drawn into a world of conspiracies and danger where he slowly loses his grip on reality.


In Minamata, Japan, the citizens are devastated by the effects of mercury poisoning which leads to deadly illnesses to spread among them. Documenting the tragedy is war photographer W. Eugene Smith, who uses his lens to shed light on the terrible results coastal towns are forced to experience.


When two estranged sisters and their friends go to an underground music festival where they meet the famous DJ known as the Dreamcatcher, things take a terrifying turn when they find themselves terrorized by a masked serial killer.

Smiley Face Killers

When the young soccer player Jake Graham starts feeling that he's being stalked, his friends think that he's being paranoid. But things take a terrifying turn, when a group of serial killers come after him to be their next victim.

The Father

An elderly man resists his daughter's attempts to help him in his old age, but as dementia takes hold of him, he enters a vicious cycle when he is unable to trust anything or anyone, not even his own mind.

Way Down

Armed with the knowledge that a rare treasure will be held in the Bank of Spain's safe, Thom uses his engineering degree to devise a plan to break into the safe to get the treasure, battling logistical and time constraints to figure out how to steal the treasure from a notoriously secure bank.


The film follows the story of three characters, a drug dealer, an architect and a university professor, who are brought together on a journey that is connected with a drug company that is producing a painkiller that is non-addictive.


After mysterious people break into Laura's home to take her son David away, David becomes seriously ill. Laura finds herself crossing the line as she commits horrifying things to keep David safe.

Maya the Bee 3: The Golden Orb

As the headstrong bee Maya and her friend Willy rescue an ant from menacing beetles, she entrusts them to deliver a special golden orb to the Bonsai Mountains. The two friends embark on a wild adventure as the orb turns out to contain an ant princess that they must protect and take her home.

Don't Look Back

As Caitlin tries to overcome a traumatic past, she finds herself embroiled in a terrifying situation after she witnesses a man getting fatally assaulted. As other people who witnessed the incident start to die, she has to find out who's targeting them.

Godzilla vs. Kong

The epic battle between the two mightiest monsters on the planet will unfold, as a mission into uncharted territory to uncover clues about the origins of the Titans reveals a conspiracy that could terminate all the creatures.

Patients of a Saint

A medical experiment goes out of control at a maximum-security prison that houses the world's worst criminal, turning the island into a terrifying nightmare.


After an incident in which he failed to protect his family, Hutch is unable to deal with the distance it results in, which only fuels his determination to protect a woman when she gets harassed. But as the confrontation earns him the wrath of a drug lord, he fights to protect himself and his family.

The Host

As the London banker Robert Atkinson tries to start a new life away from hassle and debt, he agrees to do a simple task. But things take a turn when he finds himself embroiled in a cycle of drugs, crime, and violence.