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When a murder takes place, two top paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine, scrumble to figure out the truth of a murderer claiming to be possessed by a demon.

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A biopic that follows the jazz singer Billie Holiday, as she struggled with drug abuse and became targeted by the Federal Bureau of Narcotics who launched an undercover sting operation against her.

The film follows the origin story of a young Cruella de Vil in the 1970s London, as she becomes obsessed with dogs' skins, especially dalmatians, until her transformation into a ruthless and terrifying legend.

In this new chapter in the book of SAW, Detective Zeke Banks and his partner are investigating a series of murders that bear strong similarities to the gruesome crimes carried out by the evil Jigsaw, as Zeke becomes trapped in the killer's sick game.

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    • PG-13

When the young, hearing-impaired Alice is miraculously healed after a supposed visitation from the Virgin Mary, she becomes able to heal the sick. But as a disgraced journalist sets out to uncover the mystery, disturbing events begin to unfold that might lead to a terrifying explanation.

A thriller that sees a teenager who witnessed a murder and is now pursued by two ruthless assassins who chase him into the Montana wilderness, with only a survival expert as his protector. But can his protector save him from a forest fire so fierce that it can consume them all?

As Mukhtar lives in a rented apartment, he finds himself experiencing bizarre incidents that happen in the apartment every day, when he sees the figure of a girl named Ibtisam who looks like Laila, the cousin of his neighbor.

The Abbott family continues their journey in the horrific world, where everyone lives in silence in fear for their lives, but a spark of hope appears by finding the most important weapon which is the point of weakness of the terrifying creatures.

Set after the Avengers' Civil War but before the war with Thanos, Natasha Romanoff goes on a new mission in Russia, which stirs up her past with the KGB, her training by the Red Room, and her journey to becoming the hero known as the Black Widow.

Dominic Toretto and his crew find themselves facing the ultimate threat, after Cipher decides to use Jakob, Dom's younger brother to help her take Dom down.

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When the free-spirited girl Ainbo finds out that her jungle in the Amazon is in danger, she sets out on an epic adventure with her animal spirits, the armadillo Dillo and the tapir Vaca, to protect her home from loggers and miners.