Fetr Eid Movies 2022

    El Ankaboot

    • 6.9
      • مصري
      • +12

    An action thriller that revolves around a dangerous drug dealer, who is able to manufacture new drugs and sells them but falls into many problems and is chased by the police.

    Wahed Tany

    • 5.9
      • مصري
      • +12
      • تقييمنا
      • Adult Supervision

    A social worker in the Prison Service writes reports on the prisoners' psychological condition. In prison, an old classmate of his, who has become a successful businessman, invites him to a party, where he meets his old pals, realizes he's a failure, and rethinks his life again.


    • 4.1
      • مصري
      • +8

    A singer and his band find themselves facing an unexpected situation, when they accidentally enter a zombie-infested area and clash with them.