Fetr Eid Movies 2022

    El Ankaboot

    • 6.3
      • مصري
      • +12

    An action thriller that revolves around a dangerous drug dealer, who is able to manufacture new drugs and sells them but falls into many problems and is chased by the police.

    Wahed Tany

    • 5.4
      • مصري
      • +12
      • تقييمنا
      • Adult Supervision

    A social worker in the Prison Service discovers after meeting with old colleagues that he has failed and lost his passion in life, so he resorts to an invention that restores his passion again, but things spin out of control.


    • 3.5
      • مصري
      • +8

    A singer and his band find themselves facing an unexpected situation, when they accidentally enter a zombie-infested area and clash with them.