Ramadan 2024 Series Schedule

Atabat El Bahga

  • 4.7

After becoming in charge of raising his orphaned grandchildren, Omar and Jamila, former undersecretary, Bahgat Al Ansari, finds himself facing a series of difficulties in order to provide for their needs and keep them out of trouble, while trying to search for happiness that seems elusive.

Khaled Nour Wa Walado Nour Khaled

  • 7

The series deals with marital disputes in a comedic context.

Al Hashshashin

  • 7.3

A historical epic set in the 11th century, that chronicles the journey of the founder of the Order of Assassins (Hashshashin), Hasan-i Sabbah, and his leadership of the group that was famous for carrying out bloody assassinations of prominent figures at that era.

Embratoreyet Meem

  • 6

With the loss of his wife, Mukhtar is left to care for his six children, and he needs to keep up with their age and way of thinking. Additionally, he must choose between his children's lives and the person to whom his heart is attached.

N'eama El Avoccato

  • 5.7

The ambitious young lawyer N'eama works to support her failed husband to succeed in his life, but her life turns upside down after she discovers that he has betrayed her, and she sets out to take revenge on him.

Masar Egbary

  • 7.3

It follows the story of two young men, Ali and Hussein, who live two different lives, then they discover that they are brothers through their father, who dies and leaves them evidence that changes the course of a murder.

Khoyout Al Ma'azeeb

  • 6.4

Farhan is forced by life to work for a cruel man, Abu Issa. Farhan finds himself obligated to do everything Abu Issa orders until he has the opportunity to confront his oppression and injustice, leave everything, and run far away.

Bayt El Refaei

  • 6.2

The events revolve around a doctor who enters into several conflicts with those around him, due to the illegal trade of antiquities.

El Atawla

  • 6.2

A bloody conflict arises between two brothers due to greed and jealousy, and revenge fills their hearts, causing the destruction of the entire family and putting one of them in prison.


  • 4.6

The events revolve around the teacher Sodfa, who finds herself involved in a marriage that she knows nothing about. She begins a quest to find out how she got dragged into this marriage, while she tries to connect with her family and get closer to them.

Bedon Sabeq Enthar

  • 7.5

The relationship between the married couple Marwan and Laila deteriorates and reaches a dead end despite their attempts to fix it. However, things take a shocking turn when they discover that their son has leukemia.

Suhaila Bint Adim

  • 4.5

The events revolve around the story of a strong, wealthy, and controlling woman as she goes through multiple conflicts and problems until many secrets are revealed to her.

Lunch Box

  • 2.9
The lives of three housewives trying to find a solution to their problems. These ordinary women, who spend their days like everyone else on the street or in the supermarket, suddenly turn into a gang that practices different types of crimes, all with the aim of preserving and defending their...Read more families.

Al Maddah 4: Ostorat Al Awda

  • 6.7

In the new season of Al Maddah , Saber and his friend, Samih, answer a distress call from a family from Upper Egypt, starting a new chapter in the conflict between them and the jinn.


  • 6.3

The boxer Taj adheres to his national principles, which makes him vulnerable to losing many of those around him, but he insists on not abandoning the values ​​and morals that he grew up with.

Gawdar - Alf Leyla w Leyla

  • 7.7

A merchant has three children; Salem, Salim, and Gawdar. However, the life of the last son, Gawdar, becomes complicated, and he comes into conflict with the enemy Shimoun to reach the four treasures of the wiseman Al Shamrdal.

Serr Elahy - Bel Qanoon

  • 4.3

Nasra goes through the worst, then finds herself in an unfortunate situation when the people closest to her betray her, so she seeks revenge.

El Meallem

  • 5.9

Hamid, a fish seller, has a modest and peaceful life with his family until he gets involved in violent disputes with the major market sellers. He has no choice but to confront them, or he will perish.