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Idiyan Chandu

Inspector Sun

  • Censorship:
    • مصري
    • All Ages
  • Release Date: 18 July 2024

Inspector Sun decides to take a vacation away from the troubles of his work; however, he quickly returns when a mysterious millionaire is subjected to death threats. So, Sun must use all his expertise to catch the culprit before it is too late.

Ahl Al Kahf

The epic tale of three people who wake up from their long sleep after three centuries, to find themselves in a different time other than the one in which they lived before, as they struggle to deal with this unrecognizable world.

Kill Sera Sera

May Shaw's daughter is kidnapped, only to be found later after she has been murdered. Then, May's life turns into a hell of sadness that will not end until she catches the ruthless serial killer.

Bad Newz

The Adventure of Paddington: Summer Vacation

Hiding Saddam Hussein

A simple Iraqi farmer receives an unexpected visit at his home from a mysterious guest. However, he discovers that his guest, who is fleeing from his family, friends, and the American army, is President Saddam Hussein.


The story of the work centers on a housewife who is intimidated by a cunning contractor, resulting in a heated argument between them that has unexpected consequences.


The story follows a couple who devote their time to tracking storms, as the duo risks their lives in order to test an experimental weather alert system.


Federal Agent Lee Harker is responsible for uncovering the identity of a serial killer who commits shocking crimes. Harker seeks to do the impossible before the killer commits his new crime.

Indian 2

The ageing freedom fighter Senapathy decides to fight corruption himself and returns to his country to help a young man expose the corrupt bu posting videos on the Internet.

The Last Breath

On a Caribbean scuba diving expedition investigating the WWII battleship debris, a group of old college mates discover they are imprisoned inside a great white shark-infested underwater maze made of rusty metal.


A man struggles against rival airline owners who oppose his dream of establishing an affordable airline, endangering both his business and the safety of his passengers.

Fly Me to the Moon

Set during the 1960s Space Race between the United States and the USSR, when a bond grows between the NASA director overseeing the Apollo 11 mission and the marketing expert sent in to repair NASA's public image and organize a false moon landing.