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The Virtuoso

When an assassin is tasked with finding and eliminating a hitman, he finds himself on an unusual mission as the only information he receives is the time and the place to find his target. With no information about what his target looks like, he is forced to rely on his wits to identify his mark.

Jungle Cruise

Dr. Lily Houghton embarks on a journey into the Amazon jungle to try and find an ancient tree with fabled healing powers. She hires Frank Wolff to take her on his boat and help her navigate the jungle.

The Box


When the retired cop Damon blackmails the former drug courier Victoria to do a job for him after he holds her daughter hostage, she goes on a violent rampage through the night to get the task done.

Norm of the North: Family Vacation

Animal Crackers

When he inherits a struggling circus, Owen determines that his only shot of saving it lies in a magical box of Animal Crackers that enable him to transform into animals. However, his uncle Horatio is lurking in the wings, waiting for the chance to take the Animal Crackers and take over the circus

Snake Eyes

A look into the origins of Snake Eyes and how he made it to being a G.I.

Walad Marzouq


Out of Death

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

Two survivors from the previous escape rooms that turned out to be fatal find themselves unawares trapped with survivors from other escape rooms in a new labyrinth of deadly games, which they must go through.

Al Aref

  • Censorship:
    • مصري
    • All Ages
  • Release Date: 15 July 2021

The film tackles cybercrime through the story of Younis, a man who lives with his wife and their baby girl, as he decides to rob a bank through the internet, but then finds himself chased by a dangerous gang.

Space Jam: A New Legacy

After NBA superstar LeBron James finds himself trapped with his son in a virtual space, he must join forces with Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes gang to win a fateful basketball game against the Goon Squad and get back home with his son.

Al-Baa’d La Yazhab L Al-Ma’zoun Maratayen

A comedy that revolves around the experience of marriage, and if husbands can go back in time will they marry their wives again?

Black Widow

Set after the Avengers' Civil War but before the war with Thanos, Natasha Romanoff goes on a new mission in Russia, which stirs up her past with the KGB, her training by the Red Room, and her journey to becoming the hero known as the Black Widow.