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Kung Fu Mulan

Despite her talents as a swordswoman, Mulan knows that she has to pretend to be a man if she has any hope of replacing her father in the army. But as she stumbles upon a vast conspiracy that threatens her country, her attempt to fight back leads to a journey of self-discovery.


When the mentally unstable private eye Arthur Bretnik is asked to investigate a possible murder in the small town of Wander, he finds himself drawn into a world of conspiracies and danger where he slowly loses his grip on reality.


In Minamata, Japan, the citizens are devastated by the effects of mercury poisoning which leads to deadly illnesses to spread among them. Documenting the tragedy is war photographer W. Eugene Smith, who uses his lens to shed light on the terrible results coastal towns are forced to experience.

Smiley Face Killers

When the young soccer player Jake Graham starts feeling that he's being stalked, his friends think that he's being paranoid. But things take a terrifying turn, when a group of serial killers come after him to be their next victim.


When two estranged sisters and their friends go to an underground music festival where they meet the famous DJ known as the Dreamcatcher, things take a terrifying turn when they find themselves terrorized by a masked serial killer.

If It Were Love

A documentary that follows a group of dancers in Crowd, a touring piece by choreographer Gisèle Vienne. As they move from one theater to another, it depicts their personal and professional lives.

Full Moon

When he gets called in for the night shift, a Bosnian police officer struggles to find a balance between his job and the empathy he has for those who broke the law out of desperation. Can he manage to be just while working within the bounds of a corrupt system?


Anja and Tomas are partners both at work and in life. As their artistic careers soar, Anja receives a difficult diagnosis that forces her to put on a brave face in front of her children as her relationship with Tomas is put to the test.

Quo vadis, Aida?

A UN translator, Aida, finds herself in a dilemma when her small town is overrun by the Serbian army, forcing her and her family to join the thousands of people who flock to a UN camp for asylum. With Aida right in the heart of the political world, she battles uncertainty about what will happen to...Read more her people.

Madly in Life

As the couple Alex and Noémie long to have a child together, their plans get derailed when Alex's mother suffers from dementia, which affects her behavior and makes her act like a child.

Should the Wind Drop

As a French auditor is tasked with assessing an airport in a self-proclaimed republic in the Caucasus to decide whether or not it meets international aviation standards, he bonds with a local boy as he tries to help the isolated area integrate with the rest of the world.

Little Girl

A documentary that follows the struggles of Sasha, an eight-year-old who was born in the body of a boy, as everyone around her fails to interact with her normally like the rest of the children, or to understand what she's going through as a transgender girl.


Despite being a social media celebrity, the hoards of fans and admirers that fitness motivator Sylwia Zajac has prove to be unfulfilling for a woman who is seeking genuine intimacy in her life.

Never Gonna Snow Again

Inside a wealthy, walled-off community, the immigrant Zhenia leaves an undeniable impact as his job as a masseur gives him access to those who seem in desperate need of his intervention and the healing aura he seems to possess.

The Truffle Hunters

A documentary that follows a group of elderly men and their dogs as they venture into the deep forests of Northern Italy to hunt for the rare white Alba truffle, which in spite of all the efforts of modern science can't be cultivated.