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Eswed Melawen

A wedding planner seeks help from a psychiatrist who specializes in romantic relationships.

Fasel Men El Lahazat El Lazeeza

A romantic comedy about a couple who encounter many problems, until a portal opens by chance that leads them to parallel worlds.

3al Mashi

The events revolve around Hadi Hadi Abdel Hadi, a thirty-year-old lazy young man who lives with his father. His life is turned upside down when he is diagnosed with a rare condition that requires him to constantly move to avoid fatal blood clots. He begins a comedic journey of constant walking.

The Bricklayer

A former federal agent gets back in action after he gets tasked with stopping a mysterious person from targeting the Federal Intelligence Agency.


A local police officer and an overzealous social worker learn that people are disappearing in the town, and as they look into the matter, disturbing revelations are made on a pig farm, where the town butcher has been killing more than livestock.


The film's events revolve around a group of outlaw friends who engage in criminal and suspicious activities, but it leads them to major crises with dangerous consequences.

The First Omen

It follows a young American woman who travels to work as a nun in a church in Rome. Over time, she encounters a shocking conspiracy that seeks to conjure an evil entity.

Dune: Part Two

Paul Atreides teams up with Chaney and the Fremen to take revenge on the adversaries who destroyed his family. Faced with a choice between his love or protecting the future of the universe, he must prevent a gruesome fate known only to him.

Al Tagriba El Mexicia

The film revolves around a group of friends traveling on a mission to Mexico where they are exposed to many comical situations.

No Way Up

Fate brings together a group of people of different nationalities at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean when their plane crashes, and they have to struggle against lack of oxygen and sharks in order to survive.

Rehla 404

A few days before she travels to Mecca to perform Hajj, Ghada faces an emergency which forces her to reach out to people from her tainted past with whom she had cut off contact in order to collect a large sum of money. So, as she collects the money, will she manage to go to Mecca, or get tangled up...Read more in the past's webs?

The Beekeeper

A man leads a campaign for revenge, which takes on the nature of national interests after they discover that he is a former agent in a dangerous organization called Bees Keepers.

El Harifa

Circumstances force Majed to leave his comfortable life and move from his private school to a public school. Over time, he gains the respect of his classmates because of his excellent football skills and joins the school team in a competition, hoping to win a grand prize.

Esabet Azima

Azima is a blind woman whose son's naivety may cause them to lose their home, so she decides to form a gang, hoping to save the situation.

Abo Nasab

Ali - an eccentric pediatrician - is preparing to marry his beloved Dalia. Their happiness takes a dangerous turn after Dalia's criminal father, Daoud, is released from prison on the day of their wedding. Ali finds himself at the heart of a series of ridiculous revenge events between his...Read more father-in-law's gang and other gangs, which leads to the marriage ceremony and the expected honeymoon being ruined.