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Anti Life

With Earth devastated by a deadly plague, a group of survivors on a spaceship discovers that they are not out of the woods as a new threat arrives in the form of an alien entity. With shape-shifting capabilities, the alien seeks to take control of the ship and use it as a weapon to destroy mankind.

The Marksman

Settling down in a ranch on the Arizona-Mexican borders after leaving his life as a Marine behind, Jim is drawn back into a world of violence after a young boy stumbles into his ranch, seeking protection from the pursuing cartel members who have followed him from Mexico to the US to kill him.


The Rescue

As they face a crisis, members of the Chinese Coast Guard have to join forces and set aside whatever conflict exists between them in order to do their job and save lives.


In the wake of the sudden demise of the patriarch of a powerful family, an unpleasant surprise awaits his wife and daughter as they discover that he has left behind a secret inheritance that sends their lives into chaos.


Sarah is a newcomer to LA who is lucky enough to find herself the perfect apartment with the perfect neighbors. However, strange occurrences soon lead her to discover that there is a terrible secret beneath the seemingly perfect veneer.

Wa’fet Reggala

A comedy about a group of friends as they get reunited to help one of their own find his way out of major trouble. As the situation gets more complicated, they are forced to take a trip to a coastal town.

Horizon Line

On their way to their friend's island wedding, a former couple finds themselves in a dangerous predicament as a health crisis takes down the pilot of their plane, leaving them stranded in the air with no way to land the plane and no one coming to help.

Guns Akimbo

The video game developer Miles finds himself fighting to stay alive when he becomes a participant in an ultra-violent online game as he gets chased across the city by the ruthless opponent Nix, while having guns bolted to his hands.

Wild Mountain Thyme

Taking place in the Irish countryside, the story follows Rosemary who hopes to woo her neighbor Anthony who's oblivious to her feelings, while his father is making plans to sell their farm to an American relative, Adam.

Redemption Day

In Morocco, a group of American citizens is kidnapped by terrorists, leaving a US Marine to try and infiltrate their ranks to get the hostages out, but the mission hits too close to home for the Marine since his wife is one of the hostages.


When the nature photographer Harper stumbles upon a horrific crime in the woods, she faces her worst nightmare, as she struggles to stay alive while being chased by the ruthless criminals.

Bigfoot Family

As the world came to know about Bigfoot, he decides that the best use for his newfound fame is to protect a wildlife reserve from an encroaching oil company. But when he goes missing, his son Adam teams up with his mother, a raccoon, and a bear to figure out what happened to him.


Taking place in the mid 1970s Argentina, the prominent lawyer Claudio Morán finds himself facing a dangerous situation, when an incident from his past catches up with him and threatens to destroy his life.

Saber We Radi

The story follows the driver Saber who likes to look at everything in a positive way, as he works for the wheelchair-bound businessman Rady. As the two of them get into many situations, they help each other get through it.