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The Virtuoso

When an assassin is tasked with finding and eliminating a hitman, he finds himself on an unusual mission as the only information he receives is the time and the place to find his target. With no information about what his target looks like, he is forced to rely on his wits to identify his mark.

Jungle Cruise

Dr. Lily Houghton embarks on a journey into the Amazon jungle to try and find an ancient tree with fabled healing powers. She hires Frank Wolff to take her on his boat and help her navigate the jungle.

Snake Eyes

A look into the origins of Snake Eyes and how he made it to being a G.I.

The Fairy Princess & the Unicorn

In the magical kingdom of Bayala, the shadow fairies' queen, Ophira, devises a nefarious plot to gain control of the sun land by stealing all dragon eggs and kidnapping their princess, Surah. When she grows up, Surah returns to her family in an attempt to foil the evil plots of Ophira.


After the teenage perpetrator of a Halloween massacre is thought dead, the detective in charge is shocked when he returns year after year to kill more people. A look into his background raises more questions than answers as the detective scrambles to put an end to the mayhem.

Al Aref

  • Censorship:
    • مصري
    • All Ages
  • Release Date: 15 July 2021

The film tackles cybercrime through the story of Younis, a man who lives with his wife and their baby girl, as he decides to rob a bank through the internet, but then finds himself chased by a dangerous gang.

Black Widow

Set after the Avengers' Civil War but before the war with Thanos, Natasha Romanoff goes on a new mission in Russia, which stirs up her past with the KGB, her training by the Red Room, and her journey to becoming the hero known as the Black Widow.

The Forever Purge

As Adela and Juan, a Mexican couple, escape the clutches of a drug ring, they end up in Texas, where they come up against a group of desperados, who are determined to make the annual Purge day last forever.

The Boss Baby: Family Business

  • Censorship:
    • مصري
    • All Ages
  • Release Date: 1 July 2021

After having grown up and drifted apart, Theodore and Tim Templeton team up with a new boss baby, as they work together to thwart the plot of an evil scientist.

Mesh Ana

  • Censorship:
    • مصري
    • All Ages
  • Release Date: 24 June 2021

The story follows Hassan who suffers from a psychological condition, while he has a very strong relationship with his sick mother, who is the center of his life, as he takes care of her.


  • Censorship:
    • مصري
    • All Ages
  • Release Date: 17 June 2021

Set in a seaside town on the Italian Riviera, the young boy Luca sets out to spend an amazing summer with his new best friend Alberto, in spite the fact that they are sea monsters who live below the water's surface.

The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard

Bodyguard Michael Bryce finds himself embroiled in a new dangerous mission, as he teams up with hitman Darius Kincaid and his wife Sonia in order to thwart a cyberattack in Europe.


The film follows the origin story of a young Cruella de Vil in the 1970s London, as she becomes obsessed with dogs' skins, especially dalmatians, until her transformation into a ruthless and terrifying legend.

F9: The Fast Saga

Dominic Toretto and his crew find themselves facing the ultimate threat, after Cipher decides to use Jakob, Dom's younger brother to help her take Dom down.