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Bob Marley: One Love

The work reviews the career of the famous reggae singer Bob Marley.

Teddy's Adventures

Red Right Hand

Cash sought to live a quiet life away from crime, but when Big Cat forces him to return to illicit work with her, he seeks to do the impossible in order to save his family and his town.

The 100 Candles Game: The Last Possession

At the Stonewall Mansion, a group of influencers chooses to play a ghostly game. Without realizing that this location conceals a troubled past, they form a circle with one hundred lit candles and start to tell horror stories on their social media platforms, unleashing evil forces.

El Eskandrany

Set in the heart of Alexandria, where Bakr El Eskandrany goes through many conflicts with his father, cousin, and lover. He decides to travel abroad in search of a new life, and when he returns after realizing himself, conflicts haunt him again.

The Ancestral

The Braid

The work revolves around Smita, Sarah, and Giulia, three women from different places in the world who have nothing in common, but destiny brings them together in a strange way and their fate becomes the same.

Madame Web

As paramedic Cassandra Webb, aka Madame Web, begins to exhibit clairvoyant symptoms, she is forced to face previous secrets and defends three young ladies from an enemy who intends to kill them.

Mother Valley

In the Land of Saints and Sinners

In a remote Irish village, a man struggles to find salvation and overcome all the mistakes he has committed throughout his life, but he discovers that it is not that easy and that there are mistakes that cannot be forgiven.

Autumn and the Black Jaguar

Autumn makes the rarest of friendships with Hope, a lost jaguar cub, growing up in the Amazon rainforest. However, circumstances force her to leave Hope for New York City, so Autumn longs to return to the rainforest and her friend.

Sorry, Charlie

It follows a mysterious killer who lures women from their homes through an audio recording of a crying infant, as a remote helpline volunteer becomes his next target.

Al Mazraea

Wissam is a young Lebanese man, whose father was an officer in the Lebanese Army who was martyred by the Syrian Army in a battle. Wissam crosses paths with the Syrian child Abboud, who became a refugee in Lebanon after his home in Syria was destroyed.


The great spy Argylle keeps up with his incredible travels around the United States, London, and other places across the world.

No Way Up

Fate brings together a group of people of different nationalities at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean when their plane crashes, and they have to struggle against lack of oxygen and sharks in order to survive.