Biographies: Laila Hamdy - Actor


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Born Ekbaal Ahmad Khaleel, Laila Hamdy is an Egyptian actor who was well known for playing “Rafee’a Haanem i.e. Lady Skinny”, a character created by the caricaturist Rakha. Laila married the mayor of al-Kalag village (Delta of Egypt) with a child, ‘Emaad. Upon their divorce, she became a professional actor. Then in 1958, Laila married actor and director Sameer Waleyy al-Deen and they got divorced later. Rafee’a Haanem worked in theatre with “Saa’a le albak”, “Esmaael Yasseen” and “National Circus” troupes. Hamdy played small roles in cinema, among them are “Shaare’ al-hobb i.e. Love street”, “Sokkar Haanem i.e. Lady Sugar” and “Sagheera ‘alal-hobb i.e. Too young to love”.

An Egyptian actress, who received her studies at the Teachers’ School in Sohag, and married a merchant named Awad Al-Zayati, and she had her son Imad from him, to become a professional actress after her divorce from him. She worked in the theater with the band An Hour for Your Heart, Ismail Yassin and The National Circus. She appeared in a few films, most notably Sukar Hanim, Love Street and Ismail Yassin in the Fleet.