Biographies: Abdul Rahman Abu Zahra - Actor


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Abdul Rahmaan Abdul Rahmaan Mahmoud Abu-Zahra is an Egyptian actor and director who was born in Damietta (Delta of Egypt). He is married (1962) with three children; May, Sahar and Ahmad. His first stage role was “’Awdat al-shabaab i.e. The rejeunesse” than he participated in may plays like; “Telmeeth al-shaytaan i.e. The devil’s student”, “Masra’ Cleopatra i.e. The death of Cleopatra”, “Bedaaya wa nehaaya i.e. Dead among livings”, “Sanf al-hareem i.e. Women”, “Afraah al-anthaal i.e. Joys of bastards”, “Al-lahza al-harega i.e. The critical moment”,”Al-mawt ya’khoth agaaza i.e. Death takes a holiday”, “Fee baytena ragol i.e. A man in our house”, “Shakka lel-‘eegaar i.e. A apartment for rent”, “Al-mahroussa”, “Don Juan”, “Al-kadeyya i.e. The case”, “Hallaak fee Baghdaad i.e. A barber in Baghdad”, “Yasseen and Baheyya”, “Al-dafaade’ i.e. The frogs”, “Beer al-sellem i.e. The stairwell”, “Al-farafeer”, “Halaawet zamaan i.e. That sweet time”, “Mas-houk al-thakaa i.e. The intelligence powder”, “Zahrat al-sabbaar i.e. The catus flower” and “Masra’ Guevara i.e. The death of Guevara”. Abu-Zahra also directed the play “Faylassouf i.e. Philosopher” and staged it on the National Theatre. Abdul Rahmaan played a number of TV series and drama, among them are; “Sanawaat al-dehk wal-domou’ i.e. Years of laughter and tears”, “Al-sokout fee Be’r Sab’ i.e. Falling in Beersheba”, “Nehaayat al-‘alam layssat ghadan i.e. The end of the world is not tomorrow”, “Lan a’eesh fee gelbaab aby i.e. I will not live in my father’s robe” and “Lamma al-ta’lab faat i.e. When the fox passed”. Abdul Rahmaan Abu-Zahra presented the children radio show “Sondouk al-donya i.e. Pandora’s box” for more more than twenty years.