Biographies: Ahmad Rateb - Actor


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Ahmed Kamal Eldin Rateb was born in the Sayeda Zaynab neighborhood of Cairo. His interest in acting began at an early age, where he performed in most of his school plays. He continued to act in college, where he was enrolled in Cairo University, College of Engineering, but quit after 2 years to pursue his passion for acting, and joined the High Academy of Arts, graduating with a degree in performing arts in 1974. His first work was in the TV series "Fagr (Dawn)" after which he had many roles in plays, the most notable of which was "sok ala banatak (Beware of Your Daughters)" His TV series work includes Bilad elGhorba, Elmal wal Banoon, Elabtal, and Om Kalthoum, in which he won many awards for his realistic portrayal of the legendary violinist Mohamed el Asabgy. He married his cousin in 1978 and has 3 girls, Lamia, Lobna and Lameece. Although he is famous for his comedic roles, especially alongside fellow actor/comedian Adel Imam, Rateb has many distinguished roles in more dramatic works such as his role as a political patriot in "Toyoor elZalam (Birds of Darkness)" and other works such as "Ya rab walad" and "Akhir elregal elmohtarameen"