Biographies: Kamal Abu Raya - Actor


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Kamal Abu Raya is an Egyptian actor. He graduated from the Hihg Institute of Theatrical Art in 1985. In the mid 1980s, Anu Raya's career started taking shape, as he appeared in numerous television series, including “Al Saraya” (The Palace), “Bein El Qasrein” (Between the Two Palaces), and “Ma'a Martabet Alsharaf” With Honors). He also appeared in several films, including “Abaa' wa Abnaa'” (Fathers and Sons) and “Wadaa'an ya Walady” (Farewell my Son). He is most known for playing Qassem Amin, in the televisions series with the same name about the life of the early 20th century feminist activist. He also played critically acclaimed roles in the televisionse ries “Om Kulthum” and “Suq Al Aasr” (Afternoon Market).