Biographies: Athar El Hakeim - Actor


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Athar Hakim Mahmoud is an Egyptian actress. She earned her degree from the English language department at ‘Ayn Shams University before working in public relations at a hotel. Her talents were first noticed by Samir Ghanem and she began her acting career in television where she presented several series and shows including: “Kaff al-Qadar” (“Palm of Fate”), “Abnaey al-A’izaa Shokran” (“Thanks My Dear Children”), “La Shay Yahom” (“Nothing Matters”), “Nahnu la Nazra’ al-Shawk” (“We Do not Plant Thorns”), “Zezina”, “Siyam Siyam”, “al-Houbb” (“Love”), “Ashyaa Okhra” (“Other Matters”), “Habibaty man Takoon” (“Who is My Lover”) and “Layaly al-Helmiyah”. Some of her shows have included “Qindeel Umm Hashim” (“The Lamp of Umm Hashim”), “Tawabil al-Houbb” (“Love Spices”) and the television series “Ana la Akzib wa lakin atahamal” (“I Do not Lie but I Persevere”). Athar had her cinema debut in 1979 and her first title was “al-Mala’een” which was directed by Ahmed Yassin. The actress received an award from the Arab International Radio and Television Association for her role in “Abnaey al-A’izaa Shokran” (“Thanks My Dear Children”) in addition to receiving the Papyrus Award for acting in a competition held by the Ministry of Culture in the governorates. She was honored at Isma’iliyah in 2001. Her pleasant features have helped her perform the role of the kind romantic woman at times and at others the role of the mischievous little girl. She can be observed in good form in “Taaer ‘ala al-Tareeq” (“Bird on the Track”) and “al-Houbb Fawq Hadabat al-Harram” (“Love at al-Harram”).