Biographies: Yehia El Fakharany - Actor


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Yahya Al Fakhrany is an Egyptian actor who realized fame in the 1960s. He starred alongside Mahmoud A’bd Al A’ziz in “I’dam Mayyit” (“The Execution”) and thereafter he received a great number of offers. He excelled in his roles in Egyptian cinema where he took part in a number of films and television series. Thus he assumed the leading role in “Zezina” and the Opera “A’ida”, in addition to “A’bbass Al Abyad’ and “Al Leil wa Akhrah” – where his performance was particularly outstanding. Moreover he has also acted in “Sheikh al A’rab Hammam” (“Hammam, Sheik of the Arabs”) which achieved a high degree of success and earned him a salary of six million pounds. Al Fakhrany is also expected to portray the character of King Farouk in another series which will air in Ramadan. Al Fakhrany studied at the faculty of medicine from which he earned a degree that qualified him as a pediatrician. However Al Fakhrany did not work as a doctor but rather began a career in acting which he is quite passionate about. Al Fakhrany is known among his audiences for his pleasant laugh and friendly nature.