Biographies: Mayar El Gheity - Actor


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Mayar El Gheity is an Egyptian actress who was born on June 7, 1992. Al Gheity is the daughter of screenwriter Mohamed El Gheity, and took part in her first production at age 5 on the 1997 show "Al Haseida." She made her second screen appearance in 2008 with pop star Tamer Hosni in "Captain Hema," after which she veered towards more television roles than film. " Her performance in "Captain" was well received, and the young talent followed the film with her third role in the show "Bint min Zaman Di." She plays Shawkeya, the sister of Shorouq, who is a poor girl working as a maid and hoping to find a young man in her social class to marry. Her next role could not have been more different: in "Qalb Meet" (Dead Heart), she plays Ghada, an aristocratic and romantic girl who loves Haitham, who died in front of her eyes. Her other credits include "Ayam El Hob wel Raab" (Days of Love and Terror). In 2012, she appeared in the film "Black February."