Biographies: Meryl Streep - Actor


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Meryl Streep is widely recognized as one of the most talented actors of all time, and the greatest living film actress. She's worked in theatre, television and film. She graduated from Vassar College in 1971 with a B.A. in Drama, then earned her M.F.A. from the Yale School of Drama. She's won three Best Actress Oscars, for "Kramer vs. Kramer" (1979), "Sophie's Choice" (1982) and "The Iron Lady" (2011). She's been nominated for 17 Oscars and 27 Golden Globes, eight of which she's won, which is more nominations than any other actor in the history of either award. She was awarded the AFI Life Achievement Award in 2004 and the Kennedy Center Honor in 2011 for her contribution to American culture through the performing arts. She was the youngest actor to receive both of these awards. President Obama awarded her a National Medal of Arts in 2010. Since the late 1970s, Streep has churned out an incredible string of knockout performances, in "The Deer Hunter" (1978), "Silkwood" (1983), "Out of Africa" (1985), "Ironweed" (1987), "A Cry in the Dark" (1988), "The Bridges of Madison County" (1995), "Adaptation" (2002), "The Hours" (2002), "The Devil Wears Prada" (2006), "Doubt" (2008), "Mamma Mia" (2008), "Julia & Julia" (2009) and "The Iron Lady" (2011). She's often been described as a chameleon and has an incredible talent for not only portraying real-life women, but for perfecting a wide variety of accents. Meryl Streep continues to prove herself as a powerhouse of the silver screen.