Biographies: John Cazale - Actor


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An American star actor, born on August 12, 1935, of Italian descent. He made only 5 films throughout his life, but he was distinguished by his classic roles, due to his appearance. He made his first artistic work by starring in the short film The American Way (1962), and nothing was mentioned after that, except for his guest appearance in an episode of the series N.Y.P.D. The star Al Pacino asked him to audition for the legendary movie The Godfather (1972), he was chosen to play the role of Fredo Corleone. His last movie was The Deer Hunter, which was filmed during the period he had cancer, and during this period he was in a relationship with his co-star, Meryl Streep. When the cast of The Deer Hunter found out that he had been sick, they decided to remove him from the cast, but Meryl Streep threatened to leave the film as well. He continued in the film and died immediately after the film was finished, even before it was shown. He died of cancer on March 12, 1978.