Biographies: Mais Darwazah - Writer


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A Jordanian director of Palestinian origin, born in 1975. Mais has worked in several cities, including Amman, Cairo, London, and Beirut, in the fields of architecture, design, and television documentary production. She received her MA in Documentary Directing from the Edinburgh College of Art in the UK in 2007. She began her cinematic journey by directing experimental short films, including It Wasn't a Question of Olives (2001), The Human Puppet (2005), and Still Waiting (2007). The film Take Me Home (2008) is the first feature-length documentary by the director, whose work revolves around the Arab identity and the ideas, attitudes, and challenges that surround it. She currently resides in Jordan, striving to return to Palestine, see her city of Nablus, and visit her family home.