Biographies: Eme Ikwuakor - Actor


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Eme Ikwuakor is an actor, producer, writer and social activist who was born in Colorado. He got a college scholarship for excelling in track & field, so he considered a sports marketing major. However when a teacher approached him and suggested an acting course, Eme changed his mind. Shortly after he signed up, he was cast for the role of Tom Robinson in “To Kill a Mockingbird”, which changed his life. As Ikwuakor had always been interested in history and African-American rights, he played a big role in the Interactive Theater Project in Colorado, which is a professional acting troupe that focuses in theaters about social change. During this period of time, he was cast in “Ink”, which was a big hit. The feature won many awards and earned Eme a great reputation. After his project “Chance”, which he wrote, produced, co-directed and starred in, he dropped his day job and focused on his acting career. He appeared in numerous TV shows and movies such as “Hawaii Five-O”, “Inhumans” and “We Are Angels”. Ikwuakor is still active in social activities and political change.